by Ex-Cowboy

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On this album Ex-cowboy is: Michael Huerta, Ashley Anderson and Kurt Snell

Cover art by Tony Mcmillen

Engineered and produced by Kurt Snell


released June 25, 2011

Michael Huerta:vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Ashley Anderson:vocals, electric guitar, melodica
Kurt Snell:vocals,electric guitar, harmonium, percussion



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Ex-Cowboy Tucson, Arizona

We're always changing - getting older, soft and rougher, but these are our reflections of our youth. They'll never change


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Track Name: Wild flower beds
Darling the meadows are calling
where the wild flower beds are always made.
For her awaited kiss i'm a comin' down
along a path some others have layed.
And if there should ever be another
well the valley below calls the same,
be he some new found and fair stranger
or just another old burning flame.
And i don't mind the road so beaten
for the prospect of her is ever near.
These trails of her past, i'll keep hidden,
for the river of my love will wash all here.
And we'll both soon be together
where the wild flower beds are always made,
and if ever a creek should come of our river,
may we part but as darlings always stay.
Track Name: Fear Moon Full
Shaman with your spells,
cast away whatever ails me on the night of the full moon.
I'm haunted by some dream
where the hunted does fullfill my every need
nothing else will do.

Alone little girl in your hood of red
may your ride through these woods be swift each step
fear the moon, it is full and my teeth reflect
how the woods just aren't safe
nor is your bed

I've been estranged from my father and his name for so long with no friends or home
the curse of the fang has left me with no choice but silver death or immortal ruin
Track Name: Arnold Friend
High above the hospital beds
in the corners of the room there are sights to beheld.
People from your pasts,
perhaps things left unseen
and places left to go so choose wisely.

The Devil incarnate drives a jalopy.
'Where are you going, where have you been?"
His boots won't fit right 'cause he has hooves for feet.
"Where are you going, where have you been?"

I tried to stay inside my house, but the devil will take his concubine.
I tried to call the cops for help, but his minion took cuts to the telephone line.

The Jukebox does play along with my teenage decadence.
He talks like a radio DJ, and lures you out of reluctance.
Why would i go?
Why would you stay?
Track Name: Young and Crazy
We could sing a song together
A song about the winter weather morn
With you my hands will be warm

we've got time, the sun's till hidin'
to embrace each other before when we must both leave for work

After the pills have all been taken
I know i would be mistaken for believing they would work
We've got time the sun's still rising
to pretend it's not worth missing out on the sleep we deserve

When you finally come back to me
I hope we're still young and crazy
for we'll cut some rug to Chinese Stars.
we could write long-distance letters
for a year and many feared to come,
Still i'd be tongue-tied
Track Name: Conversation Killers
The conversation killer's on the loose again
-stay close
These carnivorous eaters care not from the meat to the bone

This small ghost town has a darker side
when the night has come behold what hails inside

Beware the empty back-roads and the tampered high-way signs.
They've learned to lure travelers into getting stuck for the night.

and this small ghost town has a darker side
when the night has come, behold what hell is inside
And though are friends have all been eaten alive,
we won't without a fight

We're not fucked by the moon full and bright
'cause they don't even seem to need their ghastly eyes.
Calm down, it's cool
It smarts being your fool

and if they eat you too i'll make sure that they pay.
I'll burn this town in the light of day.